CI(Corporate Identity)

The combination of LOTTE’s symbol with LOTTE rental’s logo.
The official representation of LOTTE rental that cannot be modified in any circumstances.

  • Korean CI
    vertical Korean CI
    horizantal Korean CI
  • English CI
    vertical English CI
    horizontal English CI
LOTTE Symbol

LOTTE’s new “Value Line” logo boldly illustrates its vision and its commitment to providing new and unexpected value in every moment of your life.

The new logo can be interpreted as any one of the three letters L, V, or C, which stand for Lifetime Value Creator. The dot represents the starting point of your life, while the line represents the path it will take together with LOTTE. The round, diamond-shaped backdrop framing the symbol is modeled after the base of LOTTE World Tower.The symbol itself, which at first glance resembles an L, symbolizes LOTTE’s modesty, dynamic spirit, and originality.

BI(Brand Identity)

LOTTE rental’s brands that always beside customers to Create New Values.

  • LOTTE rent-a-car

    Renting, Buying, or selling a car, everything
    needed for a car life.

    LOTTE rent-a-car BI
  • LOTTE auto auction

    Buy/Sell of used cars, operation of auction house
    and overseas export platform.

    LOTTE auto auction BI
  • LOTTE auto lease

    Handles all types of vehicles from trucks, scissors lift and
    special purpose vehicles

    LOTTE auto lease BI
  • LOTTE auto care

    Real-time IoT control system, operating 100% responsible
    maintenance system

    LOTTE auto care BI
Automobility Symbol
Dynamic L

LOTTE rental’s Automobility business wants to provide originality and get closer to customers, this is the meaning indicated in the symbol L(Dynamic L).

Dynamic L includes ‘L’ for LOTTE and ‘R’ for rent-a-car, showing the shape of a car and road. To represent it’s quick and accurate services provide to customer as Korea’s No. 1 brand.

  • Green car

    The Leader in car-sharing service that leads Korea’s sharing economy

    Green car BI

Refusal of Unauthorized Collection of Email Addresses


We refuse to collect email addresses LOTTE rental Homepage refuses to collect posted email addresses without permission by using email collection programs or other technical devices, and criminal charges will be filed acording to the Act on Promotion of Information and communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc