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A company that fulfills its social responsibility for a fair market order

Lotte Rental introduces and operates Fair Trade Compliance Program for transparent and fair transactions throughout the industry

Compliance Program (CP)

The Fair Trade Compliance Program is a system that allows employees to voluntarily improve their compliance awareness and ethical awareness by providing concrete action standards to comply with relevant laws and compliance with ethical standards.

8 Elements of Fair Trade Compliance Program (CP)

Establish standards and procedures of Fair Trade Compliance Program

Clarify the willingness of CEO to follow the Fair Trade Compliance Program

Assign management of the Fair Trade Compliance Program

Establish a handbook for the Fair Trade Compliance

Conduct continuous education program

Establish an internal management system

Establish restrictions for violation

Evaluate and improve effectiveness

Declaration of Compliance Management

As the CEO of Lotte Rental, I recognize the importance of responsible behavior and complying with the regulatory framework applicable to every aspect of our business management. I declare that I will firmly promote the compliance by our executives and employees of rules, laws, guidelines and ethical principles that affect our business. To this end.

Lotte Rental will actively provide our executives and employees with appropriate education and training to ensure that all such individuals meet our high compliance and ethical standards.

Lotte Rental will make every effort to have all areas of our business activities duly comply with the applicable laws and regulations and to actively prevent and combat any misconduct or illegal activities.

Lotte Rental will promote fair competition in the market and prohibit anti-competitive or unlawful trading practices and, for such purpose, will proactively prepare appropriate countermeasures to prevent any such anti-competitive or unlawful trading practices.

Lotte Rental will further improve the quality of our customer services to protect our customers’ interests and rights and to maintain and develop trust with our customers through transparent information disclosure.

Lotte Rental will strengthen internal compliance supervision through the oversight and monitoring to be undertaken by our dedicated compliance committee and by continuously enhancing our work processes and corporate culture through transparent disclosure of non-financial management information and active communication with various stakeholders of our business.

And Lastly, Lotte Rental will vigorously respond to the ever-changing business landscape and lead the growth and expansion of the future mobility industry.

Professionalism and ethical management are, and will continue to be, the key principles of our corporate culture. Through full realization of such principles, Lotte Rental will always seek sustainable growth of our business.

December 2023

CP operating organization
  • CEO
  • Compliance Manager
  • Compliance Office
  • Compliance
    manager for each
    business sector
  • ·Fair Trade Hotline
  • Voluntary Compliance
History of the Fair Trade Compliance Program (CP)


  • Oct Introduction of the CP
    Clarify the willingness of CEO to follow the CP
    Assign management of the CP
    Enact rules of the CP
    Establish the handbook for the CP


  • Jan Establish organization for the CP
  • Jun Conduct education for managements
  • Jul Conduct compliance pledge of employees
  • Aug Select cooperation and establish of management
  • Dec Conduct education for managements


  • Mar Establish a handbook for the CP
    Re-clarify the willingness of CEO to follow the CP
  • Jun Conduct education for managements
  • Aug Conduct compliance pledge of employees


  • May Conduct education for managements
  • Aug Conduct education for executives
    Conduct compliance pledge of employees
  • Oct Conduct education for branches
  • Nov Conduct education for managements
  • Dec External evaluation of CP operation
    (Evaluation conducted by the Fair Trade Coordinator)


  • Mar Revise rules of the CP
  • Apr Establish the consultative body for the CP
    Conduct education for executives
  • May Conduct education for managements
  • Jul Conduct compliance pledge of employees
    Revise the handbook for the CP
  • Sep Publish and Distribute the handbook for the CP


  • Apr Establishment of compliance management department
  • Jul Conduct fair trade risk area assessment
  • Sep Conduct education for Compliance Officer Fair Trade
    Conduct education for executives
    Introduction of compliance management portal system
  • Dec Website Compliance Board Renovation
    Reorganization of the fair trade reporting system
    Updating Company Regulations


  • Jan maintain dignity Pledge of executives
  • Mar Assessment of key company-wide compliance risks
  • Apr Compliance letter sent to executives
  • Jun Implementation of compliance management campaign
    Revised Transparent Management Committee regulations
  • Jul 1st Compliance Committee held
  • Sep Law compliance pledge for all executives and employees
  • Oct 2nd Compliance Committee held

Refusal of Unauthorized Collection of Email Addresses


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