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Continually expanding it’s service offering from home, office to business. We rent various items professionally and
offer innovative services in every area.

Use household appliances at home, office office office, office equipment, OA equipment, measuring equipment, store equipment, and premium sound equipment, motorcycles, and home appliances.
OA Rental

OA device rental products such as PC, multifunction machine etc., is available for customers to rent for the desired period of time at a reasonable price. Maintenance and aftersales services are also included during rental period to avoid any inconveniences that may occur for customers.

  • Product categories

    Office equipment include notebook/ desktop/monitor/multifunction printer/ copy machine/ printer/ shredder machine etc.

  • Rental Period

    1 week ~ 60 months (Rental period may be selected according to customer’s need)

  • Target customer

    Company and organization

Main item

All OA/Office devices can be handled!
  • Notebook
  • Desktop
  • Monitor
  • Multifunction machine
    Multifunction machine
  • Printer
  • Output Management Solutions
    Output Management Solutions
  • Shredder machine
    Shredder machine
  • Beam Projector
    Beam Projector
  • Wacom Tablet
    Wacom Tablet

Main customers

Many famous companies, including kt, LOTTE Cinema, S-OIL, Daewoo E&C and GKL., are joining the LOTTE rental company.
  • KT
  • S-OIL
  • Daewoo E&C
  • GKL
  • Myongji University
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Call Center : 1577 - 5100 12

OA equipment rental inquiries

Environmental Appliance Rental

We not only provide you with cost reduction through our environmentally friendly appliance products optimized for your working environment but also the highest quality after-sales service.

  • Product Category

    The country’s best quality service brand for water purifier, bidet, air purifier products.

  • Contract Period

    36 ~ 60 months

  • Target Customer

    Corporate customers

Main item

  • Ice-maker machine, Water purifier
    Ice-maker machine, Water purifier
  • Standard, Premium bidet
    Standard, Premium bidet
  • Small and large size air purifier
    Small and large size air purifier
  • Massage chair
    Massage chair

Brands in Cooperation

  • Coway
  • Chunho Nais
  • Sk magic
  • Cuckoo
Call Center : 1577 - 5100 3

Water purifier, bidet etc. household
appliances rental inquiries

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