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A company that creates a society where everyone can dream together

Lotte Rental’s labor and management are working together so that everyone can dream together through our sharing activities.

  • CSR MissionShare a Better Life
  • CSR BrandPeople sharing dreams
  • CSR sloganSharing dreams
CSR Key word
  • Share

    (Activities based on our business)

    Vehicle Rental
    Vehicle Maintenance

  • Focus

    (On neglected classes of people)

    Children with disabilities
    Defected North Korean

  • Sustainability

    (Sustainable Activities)

    Conduct sustainable activities

  • Creative

    (Creative Activities)

    Lotte Rental ‘Charlotte Band’

  • Synergy

    (Synergy with Lotte Group’s CSR)

    Conduct activities which can make synergy with services and products of Lotte Group


Sharing Activities according to the Essence of Business

  • Eco-Friendly Donation Driving Campaign Eco-Friendly Donation Driving Campaign Lotte Rental is carrying out eco-friendly donation driving campaigns with customers who use eco-friendly electric cars from Lotte Rent-a-Car in Jeju.Lotte Rental saves 50KRW per 1km of electric car mileage. We will support mobility aids to Bobath Hospital and local rehabilitation hospitals in Jeju to encourage growth and development of children with disabilities, which are disadvantaged group of our society.
  • '"'Mom Comfort'"' trip with Lotte Rent-a-Car “Mom Comfort” trip with Lotte Rent-a-Car Lotte Rental is offering a one-night, two-day family trip that will give special memories to families with handicapped children who are difficult to move since 2013. We support all travel expenses including car hire (including driver) for the family's comfortable travel, and activities such as a reladxing break for the mothers who are tired of child-rearing according to the purpose of the 'mom comfort' brand.
  • Lott Rental ‘Dream Car’ Lott Rental ‘Dream Car’ Lotte Rentals are helping more families with disabilities to make special memories. We support 3 families with a family member with disabilities every month which need special vehicle equipped with wheelchair lift for 3days for their family trip.

Sharing activities for the underprivileged

  • Regular visit / support for children with disabilities Regular visit / support for children with disabilities Lotte Rental has been supporting ‘Seung-Ga Won’ the facility for children with disabilities every month since June 2016. Not only monthly volunteering at the facilities, but we are also running travel support programs for children to let them keep dreaming.
  • Supporting teenage North Korean defectors Supporting teenage North Korean defectors We support teenage North Korean defectors and children with North Korean defector parents who might have lost their chance to get education. To help them achieve their dream, we offer various programs including North and South Korean Cultural exchange program.
  • 임직원 봉사활동 참여 활성화 Employees Volunteer Support Activities As part of our aim to shape a warming and better society, we introduced the ‘Employee Voluntary Service Program’ in which all employees are obligated to participate in volunteer activities of 4 or more hours a year.
    We are continuing with various social contribution activities to ‘share the dreams’ starting with [품:다] campaign, a joint campaign carried out with Green Umbrella Child Foundation.

Refusal of Unauthorized Collection of Email Addresses


We refuse to collect email addresses LOTTE rental Homepage refuses to collect posted email addresses without permission by using email collection programs or other technical devices, and criminal charges will be filed acording to the Act on Promotion of Information and communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc