A company that all employees practice with ethical awareness

Lotte Rental practices fair thinking and behavior in accordance with ethical management principles in relation to customers, companies, employees, and other stakeholders.

Lotte Rental operates a misconduct reporting desk to create a healthy corporate climate.

If you report any misconducts related to the duties of Lotte Rental employees you have contacted,
we will actively take action and ensure the protection of your identity.

Reporting Cases!

Embezzlement, bribery, blackmail, theft, entertainment, etc.

Omit answers except reports of employees' misconduct
and any matters related to slander or personal privacy not based on the facts will not be handled.

Declarant Protection
1. Object

The online report operates on the principle of non-disclosure of third parties, and the protection of declarants applies only to the disclosure of real names and accurate evidence. In addition, the information reported to the declarant and related stakeholders will be thoroughly protected.

Protected Matters

  • - Identity of Declarant
  • - Evidences and other information provided by declarant

2. Policy

The information of the declarant and the report is strictly confidential, and the reporting system is protected by a secure security system. The reporter is also run by a limited to people who pledge to adhere to strict confidentiality of the report.

If the referrer is an employee of Lotte Rental, he / she will reasonably be treated through sufficient normal circumstance

Where to Report?
Where to Report?
Web Lotte Rental Homepage > Sustainability > Ethical Management > Online Report > Report
E-mail ethics.rental@lotte.net
Tel. 02-3404-9880
FAX 02-3404-9998
Post ethics management team, 8F, 422, Teheran-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

Refusal of Unauthorized Collection of Email Addresses


We refuse to collect email addresses LOTTE rental Homepage refuses to collect posted email addresses without permission by using email collection programs or other technical devices, and criminal charges will be filed acording to the Act on Promotion of Information and communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc