Through continuous innovation and new market development, LOTTE rental has grown into a company with sales of more than 2 trillion KRW.


Established LOTTE rent-a-car in Vietnam


58,000 cars Revenue of 409 billion won


Established LOTTE Auto-lease


Development in the B2C long-term rental car market


Established LOTTE Auto care, Acquired shares in Greencar and extended car-sharing service


Opened used car auction house ‘LOTTE auto auction


Became Asia No.1 rental car


Launched the first lifestyle rental platform in Korea “MYOMEE”, Launched LOTTE rent-a-car Thailand


180,000 cars Revenue of 1.8 trillion won


Launched “Shin-cha-jang Direct” service, Opened LOTTE Auto Auction, Used Car Platform, for export and domestic sales


We will continue to strive to create a better life for our customers.

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LOTTE rental Myomee, opened new horizon for rental service

Lifestyle rental Platform ‘MYOMEE’, won best service product in service design competition

Recognized as a service platform that provides the experience of various types rental-based consumption methods

Excellent accessibility and convenience through mobile application and product recommendation according to customer type

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“Enjoy Jeju trip with your companion! Enjoy it with LOTTE rent-a-car!”

Pet car service available from June 26th with no additional cost

You can also rent a car seat and stroller for your pet’s safety

Pet car will have a separation management for cleaning from general car to ensure service quality control

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LOTTE rental Charlotte Volunteer, in the effort to protect vulnerable citizens health from fine dust

Charlotte Volunteers, visited ‘승가원’ facilities for children with disabilities to provide supports and conduct cultural activities

Masks are provided for the health of children with disabilities

From 2016, Lotte rental formed a official sponsorship relationship with ‘승가원’ and make monthly visits

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LOTTE rent-a-car Asia No. 1 LOTTE rent-a-car
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MYOMEE New concept lifestyle rental service from infantile items to trendy leisure, fashion, household appliances and pet items
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Greencar Buy shares instead. Korea's leading car-sharing service
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Sinchajang Direct From quoting the new car online to the contract, in five minutes!
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Sinchajang Membership The car maintenance secretary in my hand! Real-time from contract/payment to maintenance management
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Easy-to-use export platform service
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We refuse to collect email addresses LOTTE rental Homepage refuses to collect posted email addresses without permission by using email collection programs or other technical devices, and criminal charges will be filed acording to the Act on Promotion of Information and communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc