Human Rights
A company that all employees practice with ethical awareness

Lotte Rental practices fair thinking and behavior in accordance with ethical management principles in relation to customers, companies, employees, and other stakeholders.

New Ethical Management Principles

We promote the company's future with correct decision making and ethical judgment in order to achieve its mission through a transparent process.
To actively practice ethical management, all members of LOTTE rental take and share five principles of ethical management,
Customer Priority, Compliance Management, Basic Fulfilment, ownership, and Social Responsibility.

  • Principle 1. Make customer a top priority

    1-1. Respect and thoroughly protect customer value and information

    1) We always listen to our customers and make our customers the highest priority of all judgements and actions.
    2) We treat our customers with a sincere heart and kind attitude, and humbly accept our customers’ suggestions and complaints.
    3) We protect customer information from leaked or used illegally.

    1-2. Continuously create differentiated values to our customers.

    1) We fulfill customer’s desires with customer value-oriented thinking and action, and realize customer satisfaction and customer impression.
    2) We provide timely products and services that meet customer needs and expectations.
    3) We are constantly striving to find the differentiated value that our customers need with the recognition that development of customer and us goes together.
  • Principle 2. Compliance with various laws and standards

    2-1. Act fairly and cleanly in accordance with law and practice.

    1) We comply rental, fair trade, and information protection, as well as company internal standards and process.
    2) We respect the market competition order, compete in a fair way, and do not take unfair advantage in a fraudulent way outside social convention.
    3) We do not exchange gifts, bribes, or entertainment, etc in business activities.

    2-2. Secure and maintain transparency of management, and protect company secrets thoroughly.

    1) We do not perform any business distortions such as digit manipulation in a document, false report, and etc.
    2) We comply accounting regulations and internationally accepted accounting standards.
    3) We do not share or export the technology, information, and business promotion contents without the approval of the company during in office or after retirement.
    4) We share result of the meeting briefly with the employees with only contents necessary for the work, and the contents of the meeting shall not be shared or leaked to the outside without the approval of the company.
  • Principle 3. Adhere to basic and principle

    3-1. Judge rationally and objectively and act responsibly from the perspective of the company’s overall profit

    1) We avoid partial pursuit of profits, and take profit from the entire company as a top priority.
    2) Judge and decide on rational and objective thinking and standards, execute the decisions immediately, and take responsibility for the results.
    3) In the event of conflict between the interests of the company and the individual, the legal interests of the company shall prevail.
    4) We strive to avoid any risk of damage to the company, and respond promptly when a risk arises.

    3-2. Strictly distinguishes between the public and private sectors, and leads the creation of a sound and clean organization culture.

    1) We do not use the company’s assets for private purposes and do not commit any unauthorized use, copying, distribution, modification, etc. of the intellectual property of the company and others.
    2) We do not take profit by using company’s assets and position, and do not do any unlawful act such as embezzlement of company assets and misuse.
    3) We do not engage in any act of action that causes harmful compromise, such as sexual harassment, monetary transactions, violence, or formation of a faction, or that creates a sense of incongruity within the organization.
  • Principles 4. Take ownership

    4-1. Always challenge the best and do not afraid of failure

    1) We constantly search for developmental changes to secure and maintain our competitiveness.
    2) We actively practice and clarity goals for to challenge company’s profit and development
    3) We do our best to secure the best technology, maintain quality, and eliminate unnecessary cost factors.

    4-2. Seeking to improve efficiency through autonomy and empowerment

    1) We clearly understand the contents of the given tasks and authority delegations so that they can perform more than one step beyond their own positions, and thoroughly prepare for risks.
    2) We prepare for the given work and achieve completion of the result by the detailed work process, and improve efficiency of work by the active cooperation and communication between the peers and departments.
    3) We respond objectively and reasonably by presenting relevant grounds if there is any unlawful or improper instruction of the superior.
  • Principle 5. Fulfill social responsibilities and obligations as the NO.1 company

    5-1. Protect the rights and interests of shareholders and strive to improve the quality of life of our employees

    1) We will create stable profits through sound management activities and provide long-term profits to shareholders by raising the market value of the company.
    2) Provide equal opportunities to all employees, evaluate them in accordance with fair standards of competence and achievement, and legitimately compensate.
    3) We encourage the continuous self-development of our employees, create an environment where creative thinking and autonomous behavior can be promoted, and do our best to achieve pride and reward through work.

    5-2. Value and respect the environment, safety and human rights

    1) We conduct environmental protection and pollution prevention, and efficient use of resources.
    2) We comply with safety regulations and create a pleasant working environment to prevent safety accidents.
    3) We respect the dignity and diversity of individuals and do not discriminate against all the Interested parties based on nationality, race, sex, religion.

    5-3. Take the lead in social contribution activities and establish a partnership relationship with business partners

    1) We respect the culture, customs, and values of society and the public, and play a role and responsibility for the development of the academic, artistic, and physical education.
    2) We conduct volunteer service, and disaster relief.
    3) We recognize business partners as strategic partners to ensure equal participation opportunities and build win-win partnerships that seek common development through transparent and fair transactions.

Refusal of Unauthorized Collection of Email Addresses


We refuse to collect email addresses LOTTE rental Homepage refuses to collect posted email addresses without permission by using email collection programs or other technical devices, and criminal charges will be filed acording to the Act on Promotion of Information and communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc