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Human Rights

A company that protects and respects the human rights of all stakeholders involved in business activities

LOTTE rental actively practices and complies with human rights management for the sustainable growth of companies and aims for a better future for various members of society.

LOTTE rental's Human Rights Management Principles

LOTTE rental will support and comply with the 「Universal Declaration of Human Rights」, 「UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Right」, and the 「International Labor Organization Constitution」.
LOTTE rental's human rights management principle was established with the participation of all employees.

  • Principle 1. Respect the Human Rights of Employees
    LOTTE rental respects all executives and employees of the company as a person and prevents acts contrary to human rights respect such as sexual harassment, workplace harassment, and labor exploitation.
  • Principle 2. Respect Diversity and Prevent Discrimination
    LOTTE rental does not discriminate against employees for any reason, including gender, age, origin, and nationality, race, ethnicity, educational background, disability, religion, political views, union activities, employment type, marriage, and pregnancy, and fairly evaluates all employees and provides opportunities for development.
  • Principle 3. Wages and Benefits
    LOTTE rental pays wages exceeding the minimum level set by labor relations laws in the country and region where the workplace is located and provides benefits for regular working hours and overtime hours.
  • Principle 4. Prohibition of Forced Labor and Child Labor
    LOTTE rental does not impose work through means that unfairly constrain mental or physical freedom, and complies with the minimum employment age within the laws of the country and region where the workplace is located.
  • Principle 5. Compliance with Working Hours and Work-Life Balance
    LOTTE rental complies with labor-related laws and regulations in the country and region where the workplace is located, and actively support executives and employees to maintain a work-life balance.
  • Principle 6. Ensuring Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining
    LOTTE rental recognizes the freedom of association and collective bargaining among employees, and does not give any disadvantages to employees due to the union's legitimate business activities, such as organization and membership of the union. It also respects the right of employees not to participate in or participate in such activities.
  • Principle 7. Health and Safety Assurance
    LOTTE rental pursues the health and safety of its employees and the local community as its top priority. All employees comply with related regulations such as LOTTE rental's Safety Management Policy, and LOTTE rental provides regular safety education and provides all employees with a safe and clean working environment and sufficient rest.
  • Principle 8. Responsible Supply Chain Operation
    LOTTE rental pursues joint development based on mutual trust with its partners in an equal relationship, not in a superior position. LOTTE rental also supports trading partners to practice human rights management and pursues win-win relationships for mutual sustainable growth.
  • Principle 9. Protection of Customer Human Rights and Customer Information
    LOTTE rental strives to realize customer satisfaction by providing the best products and services from the perspective of customers. Special attention will be paid to ensure that the products and services provided by LOTTE rental do not harm customers' lives, health, and safety, and the best measures will be taken to protect the collected customers' personal information.
  • Principle 10. Operation and Inspection of Distress Process
    LOTTE rental operates a communication channel that allows employees, partners, shareholders/investors, customers, and local communities to listen to the opinions of stakeholders.
    When receiving opinions from all stakeholders, the informant's anonymity and information confidentiality are guaranteed, and the results are provided to the informant after prompt action.
    LOTTE rental shall inspect itself at least once a year for the proper operation of human rights protection policies, and immediately take measures if any deficiencies occur.
Human rights due diligence and remediation process

LOTTE rental operates various channels to prevent negative risks to human rights management in advance and to take prompt action when raising problems.

Complaint Processing

LOTTE rental operates various channels for smooth communication with internal and external stakeholders.
Based on the principle of protecting informants and ensuring anonymity,
we are making efforts to take prompt action and remedy received matters as a top priority.

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